Care instructions

Care instructions

In order to enjoy your printed Bones and Spiders products for as long as possible, you should pay attention to the following care instructions:

- please wash before first use (because of pressure residues)

- Wash on the left at max. 30 degree

- do not heat or dry in the dryer

- Do not use fabric softener

- do not dry clean

- iron on the left side at medium heat, do not iron over the pressure

- do not pull or tear the pressure

- When ironing textiles with multiple print motifs, these should not touch, otherwise they may stick together

Info - vinegar smell

For digital printing, water-based pretreatment is used as a pre-treatment to optimize the print result. This can manifest itself in a slight vinegar smell and in a slightly glossy impression. Both are typical for production reasons and disappear after the first washing of the product.